More Time for Science

ZAGENO exists so research scientists can spend more time on science and achieve those eureka moments. To do this, we’ve designed a feature rich marketplace to make smart, streamlined purchasing decisions.

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Our Mission


We’re all about those eureka moments when research scientists achieve a breakthrough. It’s happening more and more – in areas from gene therapy to food safety. These successes occur when the pieces come together – a well-resourced lab, better time management with less time spent managing supplies and more time at the lab bench. Enabling this success is at the heart of ZAGENO, a life science marketplace, designed to simplify the process of providing research scientists what they need and when they need it.

Our Vision

Life science has reached an inflection point. For its mission of scientific discovery, leading to improved health, to succeed, a confluence of forces must align. The idea of ZAGENO is founded on a shared vision that digital aggregation of life science was tied to its long-term potential. Today, our aggregated marketplace reduces administrative burden. It empowers research scientists to achieve what we call eureka moments. We’ve built ZAGENO to be life science’s single source for offerings and a springboard for ideas.


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