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ZAGENO scientific score

Why traditional product rating approaches fail in scientific context

Product rating systems are a great way to assess products quickly. However, standard ratings are often biased and unreliable as you never know who is behind the majority of reviews. Also, simple 5-star ratings on scientific products do not really tell you a lot about the applications or the context of the experiments. This is why we felt the need for a more objective and scientific way to evaluate products on our platform.

How we capture what matters to scientists in an objective way

We wanted to bring together all neutral information on products available. This is why we built our scientific score on publication mentions, citations, social impact, positive & negative reviews, etc. To ensure no single factor dominates, we added cut-off points and gave more weight to recent contributions. The sheer number of factors we take into account virtually eliminate any opportunity for manipulation.

We are constantly updating and improving the score

We are always working to make the score even more useful for scientists. Our score will get updated and get more accurate over time. Help us to improve it - we are always open to suggestions.