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Adhesives on ZAGENO

Poly-L-lysine hydrobromide mol wt 150,000-300,000 Sigma-Aldrich
From $ 153.50 (100 mg)
Sizes 1 (100 mg)
Catalog IDs P1399-100MG
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(3-Aminopropyl)triethoxysilane ≥98% Sigma-Aldrich
From $ 67.40 (100 ml)
Sizes 2 (100 - 500 ml)
Catalog IDs A3648-100ML, A3648-500ML
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Collagen from calf skin SKU : c8919 Sigma-Aldrich
From $ 124.00 (20 ml)
Sizes 1 (20 ml)
Catalog IDs C8919-20ML
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Albumin from chicken egg white SKU : A5253 Sigma-Aldrich
From $ 42.30 (250 g)
Sizes 3 (1 - 500 kg)
Catalog IDs A5253-1KG, A5253-250G, ...
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Gelatin from porcine skin gel strength 300, Type A Sigma-Aldrich
From $ 38.80 (100 g)
Sizes 5 (1 - 500 kg)
Catalog IDs G2500-1KG, G6144-1KG, ...
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Adhesive Applications

An adhesive is any substance that causes surfaces of two individual items to bind together. There are various reasons that adhesives are used in histology and hematology. Primarily, they are used to attach the tissue sections to glass slides. Adhesives also prevent the loss of tissue sections as a result of harsh treatments, for example, staining methods often detach tissue sections from glass slides.

Sometimes there are variations between glass slides obtained from different sources. By minimizing the interactions between charged glass surfaces and reagents, adhesives can counteract these differences and provide reproducibility of results. At ZAGENO, a range of adhesives are available, including slides that are pre-coated with a permanent adhesive.

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