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Preparation Kits on ZAGENO

In the lab, beginning preparations such as protein and/or nucleic acid extractions are key to successful downstream applications. If your PCR is to run smoothly, it is best to purify and clean your DNA efficiently so that no contamination hinders the PCR reaction. Since all molecular biological experiments require proteins or nucleic acids, all preparation steps are either the extraction and/or concentration of these molecules. Failure at this early preparation step can hence be costly.

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Preparation Kits and Methods

Sample Cleanup

Cleanup kits help you remove impurities carried over from the purification processes, in preparation for downstream applications.

Sample Enrichment

Enrichment allows for amplification of a small subset of targets, or using low quantity inputs. This is particularly useful for sequencing runs.

Protein Purification

Protein purification and isolation often utilize tags such as the His-tag, which help to easily purify the protein and boost purification yield.

Sample Preservation

The preservation of samples and tissues is of high importance when needing to attain accurate results and avoid degradation.

Columns & Beads

Spin columns and beads are staple pieces of plastic-ware used to purify and cleanup nucleic acids, (such as DNA/RNA) or proteins.


Immunoprecipitation, (such as ChIP), is a method of extracting a specific protein out of solution with a complementary antibody.

DNA & RNA Extraction

DNA Extraction removes deoxyribonucleic acid from cells or viruses; a key procedure for PCR, sequencing and genotyping.

RNA Extraction is the process of removing and purifying RNA molecules from cell or virus samples.

The Stages of Preparation

The stages of preparation are: purification, cleanup, and enrichment of your target molecule (nucleic acid or protein). Purification involves the extraction and purification of RNA or DNA. Check out our Plasmid Purification Troubleshoot and other troubleshooting guides for any related problems.

After such procedures, it is best to remove excess salts and possible contaminating nucleic acids. To do so, check out these cleanup kits, as well as our DNA Gel Cleanup Troubleshoot.

After this, it is sometimes necessary to further increase the concentration of your samples, and can be done via enrichment or protein enrichment procedures. Our RNA Enrichment Troublshoot may come in useful.

For many biological researchers, it is essential to be able to preserve and thus stabilize the tissue or sample you are working on. Examples of this can be the preservation of marine phytoplankton for later community structure analysis using Lugol’s solution or the use of RNA-stabilizing agents to prevent the degradation of RNA before or after extraction, so that accurate analysis can be carried out.


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