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Sample Cleanup Kits on ZAGENO

Cleanup kits have become a vital part of extracting proteins or nucleic acids, as chances are you will need to remove some impurities before you start your experiments. That's where cleanup kits come in. Cleanup kits helps you remove impurities carried over from the purification processes, in preparation for downstream applications.

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Protein cleanup

For protein biochemistry, cleanup kits are used to prepare samples for downstream experiments such as SDS-PAGE or mass spectrometry. Protein gel preparation, for example, will make your samples ready for clean gel runs, which is essential if you are performing a mass spec analysis.

Protein cleanup kits can be an effective alternative to classical protein concentration methods such as ammonium sulfate precipitation, and very useful for when you need to reach a concentration threshold for analytical experiments. Also, on-column digestion kits will aid in retrieving highly pure protein for affinity and immunoaffinity chromatography columns.

When choosing a protein cleanup kit, consider what kind of source sample you need. Also, you should always keep in mind what the requirements are for your downstream applications regarding protein yield and purity.

If your kit uses columns, be sure to check whether your target protein falls within the column cutoff value. Last but not least, don't forget the processing time. Some kits are quicker than others, so time might be something to consider if you perform this experiment routinely.

DNA / RNA Cleanup

Similarly, it is advisable to use a DNA and RNA cleanup kit before using the resultant nucleic acids for quantification, cloning or sequencing experiments. PCR purification kits will remove templates, primers, and nucleotides to give the clean, desired amplified DNA.

Furthermore, nucleic acid purification from the gel is typically used to select a precise fragment after an agarose gel run. While various gel extraction protocols exist, gel extraction kits have the necessary tools for a fast and easy nucleic acid extraction from your gels.

Our DNA Gel Cleanup Troubleshoot can help minimize any losses.

As with protein kits, product yield and purity are essential, as well as DNA size and RNA size column cutoffs. Visit our Influenza article for real-life application of Gel RNA Cleanup Kits.

Compare RNA Cleanup Kits

With our comparison engine, you can avoid all the time and energy wasted sifting through multiple web pages from different suppliers. At ZAGENO you can clearly see kits side-by-side, with the relevant attributes for each kit neatly in line for easy selection of the best product for you.

Click on the comparison below for a clearer view!

For example, this comparison shows:

  • that the RNA Clean & Concentrator kit from Zymo is the cheapest per reaction
  • that the G Capsule Kit from G-Biosciences has the highest recovery
  • that the ZR Small-RNA PAGE Recovery Kit from Zymo has a binding capacity of more than 5 μg

This comparison clearly exemplifies how every kit has strengths and weaknesses. Depending on what features you require for your experiment, these details should enable you to make an informed decision on the right kit for you.

The ZAGENO comparison does not highlight one kit to be better than the other, as the kit of choice may vary between researchers - depending on each individual's preferred attributes. The best kit is the one that meets your needs - ZAGENO allows you to make an informed decision with minimum effort.

Check out our How It Works page for a guide to using the comparison function.


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