Sequencing & Analysis Tools


DNA & RNA Sequencing

Sequencing is commonly associated with DNA sequencing, but it actually refers to any technique which determines the linear structure of macromolecules, such as peptide sequencing or RNA sequencing.

Sequencing Kits and Methods

Library Preparation

Library Preparation is the first essential step for sequencing. Genomic library preparation is the basis for next generation sequencing.

Sequencing Kits

Sequencing has become more widespread as prices drop and efficiency as well as accuracy increase.

Sequencing Controls

Sequencing calibration is done using specific oligonucleotides with a known sequence and concentration; these sequences act as controls.

Lab Analysis Software

Analysis software reference samples to online databases, this is especially important as more databases are stored online.

Sequencing Chips

Sequencing chips are part of a semiconductor system which translates base-pair information into digital information.

DNA sequencing methods

DNA sequencing is likely the most frequently used sequencing application. As such, there are different DNA sequencing techniques.

Whole-genome sequencing constructs a complete analysis of an entire genome, or identifies mutations. This is an alternative to genome mapping, which is able to position genetic markers on the genome, i.e. the location of particular genes. Our Library Preparation Troubleshoot will help improve the efficiency of the initial stages of sequencing.

Historically, sequencing was done via the Sanger method of sequencing. With the advent of Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS), this technique is becoming increasingly efficient and easier to analyze. As for other experiments, the exact type of DNA and sample source is an important factor to consider,

Visit our Sanger Sequencing Troubleshoot for any problems you may be having in this area.

RNA sequencing

RNA Sequencing (whole transcriptome sequencing) is a gene expression analysis technique that employs NGS. It allows for the analysis of low expressing genes as well as alternative splicing or post transcriptional RNA modification. RNA sequencing can also be applied to miRNA or other non-coding RNAs, creating a powerful tool for RNA research. There are dedicated kits for each RNA target on the market, ready to make these experiments easy for you.

Our Next Generation Sequencing Troubleshoot is perfect for ironing out any discrepancies in your experiment.

Lab Analysis Software

When gathering large amounts of data, it is necessary to process it quickly and efficiently. That is where analysis programs come into play. Such analysis software can also be used to check your data against other databases (or even for identification purposes).

Specific software has been designed for primer design, restriction analysis and identification of genetic modifications, but to name a few.

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