Variant Details
Catalog ID6005560Supplier Catalog ID6005560
Size50 PlatesPrice N/A
Supplier N/A Package Content 1/2 AREAPLATE-96, White, 199µl volume, 1/2 well, untreated, Case of 50


96-well white 1/2 area microplate. Half-area plates utilize the same well spacing as a regular 96-well plate, but contain wells with half the diameter of a typical 96-well plate. This enables miniaturization to lower assay volumes while retaining ease-of-pipetting. PerkinElmer's ½ AreaPlate offers same well depth at half the size to help you miniaturize your assay, designed to utilize cost reduction advantages without going to a 384-well format. Leveraging years of assay and instrument experience in plate detection, PerkinElmer designs better microplates for better performance that guarantees better results for all PerkinElmer applications.

For research use only.