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Vendor VWR International, LLC Package Content 5Prime Hotmaster Taqdna Polymerase5000U


5Prime Hotmaster Taqdna Polymerase5000U for Nucleic Acid Extraction - Quantabio

Quantabio’s 5Prime Hotmaster Taqdna Polymerase5000U is designed for extracting Nucleic Acid and excluding unwanted impurities. Compatible inputs include designated cells or tissues, and equivalent sample types. Such inputs must originate from supported by kit design or published organisms. Specific sub-species include those mentioned in the product insert and their close relatives. For further information, see Quantabio specifications below.

Efficient nucleic acid isolation and optimal yield

5Prime Hotmaster Taqdna Polymerase5000U’s tailored protocol, adapted technology, and unique kit format all facilitate its key lab applications. According to Quantabio, these are; complete nucleic acid purification and removal of cell debris and nucleases. For optimal results, the initial sample amount should be at least equal to that stated in the protocol. Ideal final concentration is attainable with an elution volume of recommended quantity, (i.e., elution buffer).

Applicable Methods/Experiments

The purified nucleic acid sample is usable in the following methods: Sequencing, and other associated analyses.

For research use only.