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Catalog ID10487-500000ULSupplier Catalog ID10487-0
Size500 mlPrice $ 152.00
Supplier Cepham Life Sciences, Inc. Package Content Acrylamide/ Bis-acrylamide (37.5:1), 40% Solution - 500 ml
Shipping ConditionRoom temperatureShipping TemperatureRoom temperature
Storage & Handling4 °C


Our Acrylamide/ Bis-acrylamide (37.5:1), 40% Solution contains 38.96 % (w/v) ultra-pure acrylamide and 1.04 % (w/v) bis-acrylamide for a monomer to cross-linker ratio of 37.5 to 1.Stable liquid solution, which eliminates the handling of powdered acrylamideGives reproducible and consistent resultsConductivity

For research use only.