Variant Details
Catalog IDPTXBC007678Supplier Catalog IDPTXBC007678
Size2 µgPrice $ 133.65
Supplier ProteoGenix SA., US Package Content 2 μg of ADA-adenosine deaminase Gene
OrganismHumanGene ID100
Concentration100 ng/µlMolecular Weight1092 bp
ApplicationsCloning, Molecular BiologySpecialized ApplicationGene screening and function analysis
Downstream ProcessesMolecular cloningShipping Temperature4°C
Storage & Handling-20 °CShelf Life24 months
Vector TypepDONR233


The ADA-adenosine deaminase Gene is a human gene cloned into the vector pDONR233 from ProteoGenix. The gene sequence is 1092 bp long. Gene ID is 100. The official NCBI symbol is ADA.

For research use only.