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Catalog IDMN850A-1Supplier Catalog IDMN850A-1
Size20 mlPrice N/A
Supplier N/A Package Content Arabinose induction solution (20%)


Minicircles are episomal DNA vectors that are produced as circular expression cassettes devoid of any bacterial plasmid DNA backbone. Their smaller molecular size enables more efficient transfections and offers sustained expression over a period of weeks as compared to standard plasmid vectors that only work for a few days. SBI has created a set of minicircle parental cloning vector formats to choose from. Select from CMV or EF1a promoters, GFP or RFP markers. Please Note: Parental minicircle plasmids and the ZYCY10P3S2T Producer Bacterial Strain are available for purchase by not-for-profit researchers only. Commercial users may purchase pre-made mcDNA [ready-to-transfect] only.

For research use only.