Variant Details
Catalog ID AVR300S-H Supplier Catalog ID AVR300S-H
Size 960 Tips Price $ 33.00
Supplier MIDSCI Package Content Avant Pipette Tips, 300uL, Low Binding, Sterile, 96/rk, 960/cs
Tip Length 103mm Retention Low retention
Sterility Sterile Purity Grade DNase free, RNase free


Low-binding polymer for precise volumes and conservation of valuable reagents and samples
Certified DNAse/RNase, human DNA, PCR-inhibitor, and pyrogen-FREE
Multi-channel compatible
Sterile or non-sterile, with a hinged rack
Natural color
Added length (103mm) is ideal for deep vessels
Graduated at 10ul, 50ul, and 100ul
Racks are refillable with Avant Quick Rack Refills
Universal fit with most 1000µl pipettors (AlphαPette, Gilson Pipetman, Eppendorf Research and Reference, Finnpipette, and Oxford/Nichiryo)

For research use only.