Variant Details
Catalog IDF50025-0333Supplier Catalog ID74950-360
Size1 UnitPrice $ 77.10
Supplier VWR International, LLC Package Content Bel-Art™ SP Scienceware™ Budget-Priced Glove Box: Replacement Gloves
Glove SizeXLPrevious Brand / TrademarkBel-Art™


Sleeves fit 20cm 8 in. circular ports and 18 x 25cm 7 x 10 in. oval ports Use with H50025-0320 Clamping Rings to hold gloves in place Forms a leak-proof unit with O-ring construction integral with the box Bellows allows cooling air circulation When the glove and sleeve are separated, the sleeve remains attached to the box Glove sizes are interchangeable Length of the extended sleeve and glove is approximately 76cm 30 in.

For research use only.