Variant Details
Catalog IDIQB-M2-S5RSupplier Catalog IDIQB-M2-S5R
Size5 Million CellsPrice $ 250.00
Supplier iQ Biosciences Package Content C57BL/6 Mouse Irradiated Splenocytes, 5M cells/vial
Cell TypeSpleenSourceMouse (C57BL/6)
Cell FormatCrypreservedStorage & HandlingLiquid Nitrogen Vapor Phase


High-quality irradiated splenocytes from the C57BL/6 mouse, the most commonly-used inbred mouse strain. High viability (typically > 70%) after thawing. Used for a wide variety of immunology-based applications, including proliferation and cytotoxicity studies. All orders come with an iQ Certificate of Analysis.

For research use only.