Protein assays are routinely used in many research fields to estimate proteins in a vast array of buffers and conditions. A major problem for researchers is to select a protein assay from the vast selection on the market that is compatible with their protein
sample. CB-X™ Protein Assay eliminates this problem as it is designed to be compatible with all commonly used buffers and conditions in protein isolation, storage and assays. For protein samples in simple, uncomplicated aqueous buffers CB-X™ is a highly sensitive, single reagent assay that can be performed in 5 minutes. CB-X™ Protein Assay uses a protein dye that is an improvement on the Bradford Coomassie dye reagent.

For research use only.


Control TypeStandard
Assay TypeProtein quantification assay
Quantification MethodBradford
Absorbance595 nm
Detection TechniqueColorimetry
Sensitivity0.5-50 µg
Time to Sample5 min
Product Applicationcell biology, electrophoresis, immunoanalysis, molecular biology and other research applications, Protein estimation in protein purification
Shipping TemperatureRoom temperature
Storage Temperature-20 °C, 4 °C, Room temperature
Expiry Time12 months
Package Content CB-X™ CB-X™ Assay Dye CB-X™ Solubilization Buffer-I CB-X™ Solubilization Buffer-II CB-X™ Protein Standard 2 mg/ml CB-X™ Table: Lot Specific
Variant Details Size: 500 Reactions Format Non-Plated Catalog ID 786-12X Price $ 238.00



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