Variant Details
Catalog IDCCL7-50ugSupplier Catalog IDCCL7-50ug
Size50 µgPrice $ 193.70
Supplier ChemoTactics, Inc. Package Content CCL7 (MCP-3) Chemokine, 50 µg
Purity> 97 %Molecular Weight8.956 kDa
SolubilitySterile waterShipping ConditionRoom temperature
Shipping Temperature20 °CStorage & Handling-20 °C
Shelf Life12 monthsResearch Topics/


Monocyte chemotactic protein 3 (MCP-3/CCL7) is secreted by monocytes and certain tumor cell lines. It is a chemoattractant for monocytes and other leukocytes. MCP-3 binds and signals through several chemokine receptors including CCR1, CCR2, CCR3, and appears to be an antagonist for CCR5.

For research use only.