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Catalog ID050-002-002Supplier Catalog ID050-002-002
Size1 UnitPrice $ 5.75
Supplier Bio Echo GmbH, US Package Content CeraTool scalpel no 10


CeraTool scalpel no 10 is extremely sharp and allows clean and precise cutting of any sample, in particular the exact excision of agarose gel bands.

BioEcho CeraTool scalpels are made of long-lasting ultra-sharp ceramic blades incorporated in a solid plastic handle. Each blade is supplied with a sturdy cover for utmost protection to guarantee durability as well as easy, safe and smooth handling. These unique easy-clean ceramic blades will stay sharp even if used extensively, they are stainless, anti-static, non-magnetic and dishwasher proof. CeraTool scalpels thus have a distinctive cutting edge over common steel blades, providing you with a standardized, reliable, long-lasting performance.

For research use only.