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Catalog ID10627Supplier Catalog ID10627
Size100 mlPrice $ 249.00
Supplier Cepham Life Sciences, Inc. Package Content Chemiluminescent-AP Western Blot Kit - 100 ml
Reagent TypeOther reagentsBlot TypeWestern blot
Detection TechniqueLuminescenceApplicationsWestern Blot
Shipping ConditionRoom temperatureShipping TemperatureRoom temperature
Storage & Handling4 °C


This is our mostpopular Western Blot detection kits for alkaline phosphatase enzymes. The kitis supplied with an enhanced chemiluminescent substrate, which is a highlysensitive single-component reagent for the quantitative detection of Alkaline phosphatasebound to a membrane. The kit is provided with the blocking and wash buffer forconsistent sensitivity of the detection method.

For research use only.