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DNA Reagent for the DNA 12K LabChip kit. Contains enough reagent for 2000 wells. The DNA 12K LabChip kit for use on the LabChip® GX and LabChip GX Touch systems provides a fast and easy way to analyze a DNA samples ranging from 100 to 12,000 base pairs, which is an extended size range relative to the companion assays in the PerkinElmer portfolio. Performing DNA sample analysis with the DNA 12K assay saves time and money by automating steps for analyzing size and purity, and replaces agarose slab gels, and imaging. The LabChip® GX and GX Touch Electrophoresis Systems uses a single sipper microfluidic chip to aspirate dsDNA samples directly from 96- or 384-well plates. The microfluidics chip technology automatically mixes in an intercolating dye, electrophoretically separates, and analyzes the DNA sample. The instrument optics detect the laser-induced fluorescent signal. System software automatically analyzes the data and determines fragment size and concentration using ladder and marker calibration standards. Digital data results are immediately available for review or reporting in virtual gel, electropherogram graph, or table summary form.

For research use only.