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Endura™ Competent Cells SKU : 71003-038 – VWR International

VWR International’s Endura™ Competent Cells SKU : 71003-038 are an altered strain of bacteria, exhibiting effective competence, making them suitable for subsequent genetic transformation. Their intrinsic antibiotic resistance (in this case not specified), aids cell selection after a complete and successful transformation.

Cell Strain, Genotype and Transformation Efficiency

These VWR International competent cells are a defined genetic strain of bacteria and have a transformation efficiency of high. Their genotype is: explicit.

Methods & Applications

Competent cells enable bacteria to readily take up exogenous DNA, such as a plasmid, which can then either integrate into the cell genome or exist separately as plasmid DNA. After transformation, cells may be used for cDNA library preparation or to amplify the desired segment of DNA through cloning.

Endura™ Competent Cells SKU : 71003-038 have general applications in transformation but are tailored by VWR International for methods described by the manufacturer below.

Competent Cell Troubleshooting Tips

Competent cells do not transform well if stored at an incorrect temperature; therefore ensure recommended storage conditions of the temperature stated in the protocol. suitable conditions shipping also helps to preserve their transformation efficiency (high) - which can be tested with a standard control plasmid, such as pUC19.

For research use only.