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UltraSpeed Mini is the latest addition to the hugely successful UltraSpeed family MicroLite Microfiber mop pad is made from 90% PES Microfiber for outstanding leaning performance and 10% PA fiber for stubborn dirt removal. Cut off red, blue, green, yellow color coded tags. Safe Mop pad specifically developed for use on rough and safety flooring. Made from extra hard cut pile brush fibers. Cut off red, blue, green, yellow color coded tags. Created specifically to fulfill the requirements of all small area cleaning, UltraSpeed Mini combines he ergonomic, performance and hygiene benefits of the existing UltraSpeed range into a small compact system. Twice as fast as traditional wet mopping at cleaning small areas, removing stubborn dirt and drying floors. Suitable for more tasks like walls and tile cleaning, skirting and staircases and safety floors. The compact 10.5 qu/10L bucket and flat mop makes it ideal for offices, cafes, small retailers, restaurants, reception areas, hotel bedrooms/bathrooms, canteens, kitchens research labs and small production areas. Ordering information: Starter kit includes 1 bucket, 1 wringer, 1 frame, I MicroLite Pad and 1 Safe Mop Pad.

For research use only.