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Catalog IDL2250134Supplier Catalog IDL2250134
Size1 UnitPrice $ 2,434.00
Supplier PerkinElmer Inc. Package Content Four-position Thermostatted Automatic Cell Changer with Stirrer
Product TypeStirring Supplies


Water is circulated from an external circulating water bath (not included) through an internal passage in the cell holder which keeps the temperature of the sample uniform. The four-position cell holder accommodates four square, 10 mm pathlength cells or four microcells with four adapters, P/N L2250139. When you occasionally work with limited volume samples, use the Microcell Adapter for the 5 mm pathlength microcells, which require a minimum volume of only 600 microliters. Includes six stirrer fleas, P/N 04978499.

For research use only.