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Supplier Tonbo Biosciences Package Content Gibson Assembly® HiFi - 1-Step Kit


The Gibson Assembly® method can be used to rapidly clone multiple DNA fragments into any vector in one hour or less without the use of restriction enzymes. Instead of relying on the presence of restriction sites, user-defined overlapping ends are incorporated into the fragments to allow the seamless joining of adjacent fragments. By designing DNA fragments with homologous overlapping ends, users of the Gibson Assembly® method can create DNA constructs in a single round of cloning. The method is initiated by combining DNA fragments with the Gibson Assembly® Master Mix. The master mix enzyme cocktail mediates strand chew back, exposing a single strand which allows for annealing of the terminal homologous overlap sequences. Annealing of the homologous overlap sequences is followed by extension and ligation to yield an assembled product. Seamless assembly can be readily applied to both routine cloning and large and complex cloning projects.
Please see the Gibson Assembly® HiFi Manual here.

For research use only.