Variant Details
Catalog IDMBS688613-1X500UGSupplier Catalog IDMBS688613
Size0.5 mgPrice $ 235.00
Supplier MyBioSource, Inc. Package Content 0.5 mg
ReactivityCatApplicationsFlow Cytometry
Concentration1.5 mg/ml (E 1% at 280 nm = 13.0)PurityAffinity purified using solid phase Cat IgG (H&L)<br>Affinity purified antibody is > 95% based on SDS-PAGE
FormLiquidStorage & Handling2-8 degree C <br>Shelf life: 1 year from date of receipt. Prepare working dilution prior to use and then discard.
Alternative Names & Synonyms[Goat anti-Cat IgG (H&L)]Gene[IgG]
SpecificityBased on IEP, this antibody reacts with:<br>heavy (gamma) chains on cat IgG<br>light chains on all cat immunoglobulins


Currently, no description is available.

For research use only.