Variant Details
Catalog IDMBS316493-1X1500ULSupplier Catalog IDMBS316493
Size1.5 mlPrice $ 320.00
Supplier MyBioSource, Inc. Package Content 1.5 mL
ClonalityPolyclonalSpecificityIgM (Fcu) (min x w/Bov Sr Prot)<br>Minimal cross-reaction to Bovine Serum Proteins. Based on immunoelectrophoresis, the
Concentration0.8mg/ml (prior to lyophilization)Alternative Names & Synonyms[IgM (Fcu) (min x w/Bov Sr Prot)]
Additional Information[IgM]FormLyophilized
Storage & HandlingStore lyophilized product at 2 to 8 degree C. After reconstitution, store for several weeks at 2 to 8 degree C as an undiluted liquid. Prepare working dilution only prior to immediate use. Long term storage, aliquot and store at<br>-20 degree C or below.PurityIsolated from antisera by immunoaffinity chromatography using antigens coupled to agarose beads


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For research use only.