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ProteoGenix’s Golden Taq Polymerase utilizes the enzyme Golden Taq Polymerase, to amplify Genomic DNA, Plasmid DNA, cDNA, and similar templates. Included PCR reagents and buffers help support regular PCR in addition to singleplex PCR, allowing complete control over amplification specificity (i.e., specific or non-specific amplification) and complexity (single or multiple target amplification).

Polymerase and Protocol Specifications

The Golden Taq Polymerase is supplied at 5 U/µl and is activated by conditions stated in the protocol during denaturing. Following annealing, nucleic acid samples of 10-100 ng PCR products are elongated at 72 °C. ProteoGenix recommends a 30 µl PCR reaction volume and amplicons of up to 5000bp for optimal polymerase performance. Utilizing thermal cycling and regular PCR to replicate DNA, Golden Taq Polymerase extends primers with free dNTPs, forming a complementary second strand.

Applications & Downstream Experiments of Golden Taq Polymerase

Intended uses of ProteoGenix’s Golden Taq Polymerase include For routine PCR and RT-PCR, as well as related PCR cloning and amplification techniques. The resulting product is applicable for use in Cloning, and other tested methods.

PCR Troubleshooting Tips

Contamination and inappropriate primer construction create amplification inefficiencies. Therefore, PCR cleanup kits enhance the purity of either the starting or final sample, maximizing accuracy, and effectiveness. Dedicated primer design tools may also be useful in those respects. Optimum temperatures suggested by Invitrogen should be enforced, e.g., elongation (72 °C). Fidelity and enzyme concentration (5 U/µl) also need to be accounted for when setting up your PCR.

For research use only.


Enzyme Concentration5 U/µl
Sample TypePCR products
TemplatesGenomic DNA, Plasmid DNA, cDNA
Sample Amount10-100 ng PCR products
PCR TypeOne-step PCR
Unit DefinitionOne unit is defined as the amount of enzyme that will incorporate 10 nmol of dNTP into a DNA fragment in 30 minutes at 74°C
Product ApplicationFor routine PCR and RT-PCR
Downstream ProcessesCloning
PolymeraseGolden Taq Polymerase
Elongation Temperature72 °C
Amplicon Sizeup to 5000bp
Template Amount100-200 ng genomic DNA; 10-100 ng plasmid DNA, cDNA, PCR fragments
Reaction Volume30 µl
Shipping Temperature-20 °C
Storage Temperature-20 °C
Expiry Time12 months
Research TopicsMolecular biology
Package Content Taq DNA Polymerase, 50 µl 10X reaction buffer, 250 µl MgSO4 (100mM), 200 µl
Variant Details Size: 250 Units Format Non-Plated Catalog ID PI-MB001-250 Price $ 36.37



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