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The i-RAMAN Plus is an enhanced version of our award winning i-RAMAN portable RAMAN spectrometer, now powered by our innovative smart spectrometer technology The i-RAMAN Plus features the unique combination of wide spectral coverage and high resolution with configurations measuring out to 4000cm-1, enabling you to measure stretching bands around 3100cm-1. The system’s small footprint, lightweight design, and low power consumption provide research grade RAMAN capabilities anywhere. The i-RAMAN Plus comes standard with a fiber optic probe, and can be used with an XYZ positioning stage probe holder, a cuvette holder, and a trial version of our proprietary BWIQ multivariate analysis software. With the i-RAMAN Plus, a high precision qualitative and quantitative RAMAN solution is at your fingertips. To enhance the functionality of the i-RAMAN Plus for user applications there is an extensive suite of software available at additional cost including: BWID Pharma Identification Software; BWIQ Multivariate Analysis software; BWSP 21pt11 Spectroscopy Analysis Software; and BWQT-M 21pt11 Chemometrics Model Builder. Functionality can be further enhanced with the addition of the optional BAC151B RAMAN Video Microsampling System, a powerful tool designed to offer the highest level of flexibility in facilitating Raman sampling for a variety of applications. Other optional accessories include a RAMAN probe holder BAC150B and a Raman cuvette holder BCR100A. Using a high quantum efficiency CCD array detector with deeper cooling and high dynamic range, this portable RAMAN spectrometer delivers an improved signal to noise ratio for up to 30 minutes of integration time, making it possible to measure weak RAMAN signals. Contact your VWR Sales Representative for more information, to request a quote or set up a demo. Certifications: CDRH 1040.10; USP Chapter 1120-Raman Systems. Ordering information: The i-RAMAN Plus Fiber Optic RAMAN System comes standard with a 12 month warranty and a lab grade fiber optic RAMAN Probe BAC102, one pair Laser Safety Goggles, Windows based operating software BWSpec and a trial version of BWIQ Quantitative RAMAN Analysis Software.

For research use only.