ImmPRESS™ HRP Anti-Rabbit IgG (Peroxidase) Polymer Detection Kit, made in HorseCopy URL

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Vector Laboratories
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Package Contents- ImmPRESS™ (Peroxidase) Polymer Anti-Rabbit IgG Reagent (made in horse, ready-to-use), - 2.5% Normal Horse Serum for blocking (ready-to-use)
21 available
Relationship between hippocampal atrophy and neuropathology markers: A 7T MRI validation study of the EADC-ADNI Harmonized Hippocampal Segmentation Protocol.
The Ability of Pandemic Influenza Virus Hemagglutinins to Induce Lower Respiratory Pathology is Associated with Decreased Surfactant Protein D Binding.
DNAJB1–PRKACA fusion kinase interacts with β-catenin and the liver regenerative response to drive fibrolamellar hepatocellular carcinoma.
Prognostic Value and Targeted Inhibition of Survivin Expression in Esophageal Adenocarcinoma and Cancer-Adjacent Squamous Epithelium.
Conditional Reverse Tet-Transactivator Mouse Strains for the Efficient Induction of TRE-Regulated Transgenes in Mice.
Alcohol-induced One-carbon Metabolism Impairment Promotes Dysfunction of DNA Base Excision Repair in Adult Brain*.
Associations between hippocampal morphometry and neuropathologic markers of Alzheimer's disease using 7 T MRI.
R-Spondin chromosome rearrangements drive Wnt-dependent tumour initiation and maintenance in the intestine.
Apc restoration promotes cellular differentiation and reestablishes crypt homeostasis in colorectal cancer.
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Down-regulation of a pro-apoptotic pathway regulated by PCAF/ADA3 in early stage gastric cancer.
Rapid release of growth factors regenerates force output in volumetric muscle loss injuries.
Metabolic reprogramming ensures cancer cell survival despite oncogenic signaling blockade.
Differential Sensitivity of Prefrontal Cortex and Hippocampus to Alcohol-Induced Toxicity.
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TLR5 decoy receptor as a novel anti-amyloid therapeutic for Alzheimer’s disease.
Loss of Integrin αvβ8 in Murine Hepatocytes Accelerates Liver Regeneration.
Pten loss promotes MAPK pathway dependency in HER2/neu breast carcinomas.
p53 Represses the Mevalonate Pathway to Mediate Tumor Suppression.
Inducible in vivo genome editing with CRISPR/Cas9.
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ImmPRESS™ HRP Anti-Rabbit IgG (Peroxidase) Polymer Detection Kit, made in Horse