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Catalog IDAR1110-1UNITSupplier Catalog IDAR1110
Size1 KitPrice $ 80.00
Supplier BosterBio Package Content Micro BCA Protein Assay Kit
Storage & HandlingStore at room temperature for one year.


Boster's Micro BCA Protein Assay Kit is a ready-to-use, detergent-compatible, Western blot related, total protein analysis reagent, used for the quick determination of total protein concentration of dilute protein solutions Background: BCA Protein Assay Kit is based on the working principle of the colorimetric detection method. The protein assay kit reduces Cu2+ to Cu1+ and forms a light blue complex. In the next step, BCA combines with the reduced cuprous ion, resulting in the purple colored product. The BCA Protein Assay Kit is useful in studying protein-protein interactions and estimating protein concentration.

For research use only.