Variant Details
Catalog ID 58527 Supplier Catalog ID 58527
Size 10 Gels Price $ 134.00
Supplier Lonza, US Package Content PAGEr™ Gold TBE Precast Gels, 9 x 10 cm, 4-20% TBE; 10 well
Storage & Handling 2° to 8°C


PAGEr™ Gold Precast Gels in TBE buffer are polyacrylamide minigels for vertical nucleic acid electrophoresis. These convenient gels offer an easy, accurate way to separate nucleic acids up to 2,000 bp. PAGEr™ Gold Gels are available in a variety of concentrations and well configurations. Two cassette sizes are designed to fit most vertical electrophoresis chambers. PAGEr™ Gold gels are available in single buffer concentrations or in a gradient format. PAGEr™ Precast Gels are manufactured with our state-of-the-art casting process, according to the strict standards of our ISO 9001 quality system.

For research use only.