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Catalog IDN8145340Supplier Catalog IDN8145340
Size1 KitPrice $ 8,100.00
Supplier PerkinElmer Inc. Package Content PC3X Peltier Heater/Cooler Sample Introduction Kit for NexION 300/350


The PC3X is a compact, Peltier heated or cooled inlet system that controls the spray chamber temperature and improves long-term stability. In cooling mode, water or solvent is removed from the aerosol, reducing water or solvent loading on the plasma. In heating mode, sensitivity is increased and volatility-related sample transport effects can be reduced or eliminated. Variable temperature control from -10 °C to +80 °C Thermal stabilization of spray chamber improves long-term stability Last set temperature saved for stand alone operation USB or Bluetooth connectivity Remote monitoring and control This kit includes: PC3X Peltier Cooler and Power Supply Baffled Quartz Cyclonic Spray Chamber PFA-ST Nebulizer 1 mm I.D. Quartz Injector Tee Connector for Mixing Oxygen and Make-Up Gas, 50 cm Make-Up Gas Line and Fittings, 80 cm Oxygen Gas Line and Fittings (N0777556) Santoprene Peristaltic Pump Tubing (Double Grey Marker), Qty. 4

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