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Catalog IDN0777836Supplier Catalog IDN0777836
Size1 KitPrice $ 7,900.00
Supplier PerkinElmer Inc. Package Content PC3X Peltier Heater/Cooler Sample Introduction Kit for Optima 2x00/3x00/4x00/5x00/7x00 DV/8x00


The PC3X is a compact, Peltier-heated or cooled inlet system which incorporates the ESI cyclonic spray chamber. In cooling mode the PC3X heats or cools the outer walls of the cyclonic spray chamber, reducing the water or solvent vapor loading on the plasma, resulting in enhanced stability and performance. In heating mode, sensitivity can be improved for low flow rate applications. Temperature control from -10 °C to +80 °C Thermal stabilization of spray chamber improves long-term stability Last set temperature saved for stand-alone operation USB or Bluetooth connectivity Remote monitoring and control This sample introduction kit includes: PC3X Peltier Heater/Cooler and Power Supply Baffled Quartz Cyclonic Spray Chamber PFA-ST MicroFlow Nebulizer (N0777049) 1.5 mm I. D. Quartz Convertible Injector 0.15 mm I.D. PFA Sampling Tubing, 1 m (N8122382) 0.25 mm I.D. PFA Sampling Tubing, 1 m (N8122383) 0.5 mm I.D. PFA Sampling Tubing, 1 m (N8122384) Tee Connector for Mixing Oxygen and Make-Up Gas, 50 cm Make-Up Gas Line and Fittings, 80 cm Oxygen Gas Line and Fittings (N0777556) Santoprene Peristaltic Pump Tubing (Double Grey Marker), Qty. 4

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