Variant Details
Catalog IDNBP2-19778Supplier Catalog IDNBP2-19778
Size100 µlPrice N/A
Supplier N/A Package Content Peroxiredoxin 4 Antibody SKU: NBP2-19778, Each: 0.1mL
AntigenPeroxiredoxin 4ClonalityPolyclonal
HostRabbitReactivityHuman, Mouse
ApplicationsImmunohistochemistry, Western BlotConjugatedUnconjugated
IsotypeIgGImmunogenRecombinant protein fragment contain a sequence corresponding to a region within amino acids 25 and 216 (Q13162) of peroxiredoxin 4
Formulation0.1M Tris, 0.1M Glycine, 20% Glycerol (pH7).Geneperoxiredoxin 4 (PRDX4, Homo sapiens)
Gene ID10549 (Homo sapiens)Alternative Names & SynonymsPRX-4,AOE372,AOE37-2,HEL-S-97n (Homo sapiens)


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