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Catalog IDBMR20050-10MLSupplier Catalog IDBMR20050
Size10 mlPrice $ 192.00
Supplier Abbkine, Inc. Package Content PurKine™ His-Tag Co-NTA Resin, 10ml
Shipping ConditionWet iceStorage & Handling2-8°
Storage BufferLiquid in PBS buffer containing 20% ethanol.Expiry Time12 months


PurKine™ His-Tag Co-NTA Resin effectively purifies high levels of overexpressed His-tagged fusion proteins in gravity column procedures at a variety of scales. The Resin consists of 90μm beads of highly cross-linked 4% agarose, to which Nitilotriacetic acid (NTA) has been coupled. The chelating group has then been charged with cobalt ions (Co2+). Tests confirm that performance equals or exceeds popular Co-NTA resins from other suppliers, and no decrease in performance occurs after at least five repeated uses.

For research use only.