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Catalog IDBMR21100-5MLSupplier Catalog IDBMR21100
Size5 mlPrice $ 120.00
Supplier Abbkine, Inc. Package Content PurKine™ Protein AminoBind Resin 4FF, 5ml
Additional InformationLiquid solution with 50% slurry in 100% isopropanol.Shipping ConditionWet ice
Storage & Handling2-8°Expiry Time12 months


PurKine™ Protein AminoBind Resin 4FF is a pre-activated agarose matrix that increases the choice of coupling chemistries available.It is suitable for coupling amino-containing smaller proteins and peptides.AminoBind Resin 4FF is crosslinked, 4% beaded agarose resin that contains N-hydroxysuccinimide (NHS) functional groups.Its high flow properties make it excellent for scaling-up.

For research use only.