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Catalog ID BMR20904-2ML Supplier Catalog ID BMR20904
Size 2 ml Price $ 264.00
Supplier Abbkine, Inc. Package Content PurKine™ Protein AT Resin 4FF, 2ml
Additional Information Liquid solution with 50% slurry in 20% ethanol. Shipping Condition Wet ice
Storage & Handling 2-8° Expiry Time 12 months


PurKine™ Protein AT Resin 4FF has been immobilized for the capture of monoclonal antibodies at process scale. The Resin consists of 90μm beads of cross-linked 4% agarose, to which Recombinant protein A(Alkaline tolerate)has been coupled. Tests confirm that performance equals or exceeds popular Recombinant protein A(Alkaline tolerate) resins from other suppliers, and no decrease in performance occurs after at least five repeated uses.In addition, its high flow properties make it excellent for scaling-up.

For research use only.