The QIAamp MinElute Virus Spin Kit from Qiagen is for nucleic acid extraction. The minimum size contains 50.00 Preparations.

Further vendor information:

The QIAamp MinElute Virus Spin Kit simplifies purification of viral DNA and RNA with fast spin-column procedures. The QIAamp MinElute Virus Spin Kit uses starting sample volumes of up to 0.2 ml and combines the selective binding properties of a silica-based membrane with flexible elution volumes of between 20 and 150 μl. The QIAamp MinElute Virus Spin process can be fully automated on the QIAcube.


Single/Multiple Target KitsDNA & RNA
Extraction ofViral DNA, Viral RNA
Sample TypeBody fluids, Plasma & serum
TechnologySilica technology
Time to Sample< 60 min
Kit SizeNot specified
Sample Amount200 µl
Elution Volume20-150 µl
Product ApplicationSimultaneous purification of viral DNA and RNA from plasma, serum, and cell-free body fluids
Downstream ProcessesPCR, qPCR
ProcessingManual, Automated
Instrument CompatibilityQIAcube
Storage Temperature15-25 °C, 2-8 °C
Package Content QIAamp MinElute Columns Collection Tubes (2 ml) Buffer AL Buffer AW1 Buffer AVE Protease Resuspension Buffer Carrier RNA QIAGEN® Protease Handbook
Variant Details Size: 50 Preparations Format Non-Plated Catalog ID 57704 Price $ 267.00

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