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SiliaQuick™ QuEChERS methodology: a perfect mix of Liquid/Liquid & Sample Prep Extractions for clean extracts, high recoveries, quick analysis for a very vast spectrum of applications & markets. Preweighed & ready-to-use tubes or packets Only 3 straightforward steps Significant reduction of sample prepartion total cost 6 times faster than traditional SPE 6 - 9 times les solvant needed than traditional SPE No specialized equipment or glassware needed Best quality for the buck on the market QuEChERS method has gained in popularity to become the most valuable alternative for determination of traces of analytes in a high throughput environment The QuEChERS technique can be summarized as a three-step methodology, starting with a Liquid Extraction, followed by a dispersive Solid-Phase Extraction clean-up, and completed by a LC or GC Analysis. Extraction salts in step 1 facilitate solvent partitioning, pH ajustment, extraction of analytes, prevention of sensitive compounds' degradation, limit polar interferences. Dispersive sorbents in step 2 remove sugars, fatty acids, organic acids, lipids, pigments, sterols, polyphenols, non-polar & polar compounds. Presently, scientists have expanded the use of this method to the analysis of herbicides, fungicides, antibiotics, drugs, and any other compounds present in all food, beverage, animal and human matrices.

For research use only.