Variant Details
Catalog ID6048/1Supplier Catalog ID6048/1
Size1 mgPrice N/A
Supplier N/A Package Content R-BC154
Purity≥97%(HPLC)Solubilitysolvent,DMSO, Max Conc. (mg/ml) 6.06, Max Conc. (mM) 5
Molecular FormulaC55H61N9O13S3.CH3CO2HMolecular Weight1212.37
Storage & Handling-20°C


High affinity fluorescent α4β1/α9β1 inhibitor Kd values are 12.7 and 38 nM, respectively; fluorescent version of BOP Cat.No. 6047. Rapidly and preferentially mobilizes HSCs and progenitors in vivo. Excitation maximum, 561 nm; emissiosn maximum, 585 nm.

For research use only.