Variant Details
Catalog IDMBS242909-1X50UGSupplier Catalog IDMBS242909
Size0.05 mgPrice $ 530.00
Supplier MyBioSource, Inc. Package Content 0.05 mg
ClonalityPolyclonalReactivityHuman, Mouse, Rat
ApplicationsELISA, Immunohistochemistry, Western BlotSpecificityHuman FAM59B
Concentration1 mg/mlGene[GAREML]
Alternative Names & Synonyms[GAREML]Additional Information[Homo sapiens chromosome 2, GRCh37.p13 Primary Assembly; GRB2-associated and regulator of MAPK protein-like; GRB2-associated and regulator of MAPK protein-like; protein FAM59B; GRB2-associated and regulator of MAPK1-like; family with sequence similarity 59, member B; GRB2 associated, regulator of MAPK1-like; GRB2-associated and regulator of MAPK1-like]
Storage & HandlingShort term 4 degree C, long term aliquot and store at -20 degree C, avoid freeze thaw cycles. Store undiluted.PurityImmunoaffinity Purified


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For research use only.