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Supplier Digital Test Tube Ltd., US Package Content Cloud Laboratory Software, Annual User Account
ApplicationsEnd-Point PCROperating SystemWindows/Mac (Optimised for use on Google Chrome)
Number of User Accounts1Instrument CompatibilityLaptop/Desktop
Additional Information1 Commercial User Account (Access to Secure AWS Server)Free Sample / Trial14 Day Free Trial


The DTT Cloud PCR Software - earlier coffee breaks!

The DTT Cloud is the world's first fully-integrated cloud laboratory software for End-Point Polymerase Chain Reaction. Isn't it strange that in this day and age, that scientists are still using manual methods, electronic/ paper notebooks & suboptimal software for PCR calculations, as well as the labeling and analysis of gel electrophoresis results? This seems to be out of sync with modern quality systems and standards.

The DTT Cloud is a new QC PCR software, that enables researchers, operators, and labs to carry out End-Point PCR testing & research with automation, real-time speed and elimination of data recording. DTT saves 36-60% of time per experiment and brings a 20-fold increase in accuracy, resulting in higher throughputs and significant cost savings. We cover a wide range of End-Point PCR sub-types, including Reverse transcription PCR (One-step & Two-step) Gradient PCR, Hot-Start PCR & Touchdown PCR. The real value of our system is that we automate all the manual PCR tasks from calculations to the labeling and descriptive analysis of gel electrophoresis results to reporting. All this is done without ever having to put pen to paper, so scientists can concentrate on the tasks that matter to them, with earlier coffee breaks!

For research use only.



The DTT Cloud Software, Video Software Walk-through






The DTT Cloud Software, Video Software Walk-through