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Supplier PerkinElmer Inc. Package Content Thermal Analysis Gas Station for all Thermal Analyzers (controls up to four purge gases). For use with Pyris Series or 7 Series/UNIX software.


TAGS Controls Up to Four Purge Gases for Operator Convenience Nitrogen, air, helium, and oxygen are typical purge gases used in thermal analysis experiments and often an operator has to manually switch between them. With TAGS, as many as four gases can be connected and the gases can be automatically selected for the experiment. The analyst saves time not having to manually change purge gas lines. TAGS helps to automate and improve the accuracy of some applications such as flammability testing, coal combustion testing, and catalyst studies that require using three different purge gases (typically nitrogen, air, and oxygen). TAGS Uses Calibrated Massflow Controls Massflow controllers provide more accurate control of flow rates than pressure controls, consequently reproducibility of results (when studying effect of flow rate on material properties) is improved. Massflow controls measure and controls the flow of gases independent of changes in pressure and temperature. TAGS Is Simple to Program With the PYRIS Series software, TAGS is fully computercontrolled utilizing up to four different gases. Gas switching can be done on a time or temperature program.With the 7 Series/Unix software, TAGS can operate by monitoring the instrument furnace temperature and can switch between any of four gases at a programmed temperature or programmed time. Multiple gas switching methods can be developed and stored in TAGS memory.

For research use only.