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Catalog IDL7110269Supplier Catalog IDL7110269
Size100 CuvettesPrice $ 73.00
Supplier PerkinElmer Inc. Package Content UV Material Macro Cell (100/pack)


Disposable cells are available in polystyrene and polymethyl methacrylate either as macro or semi-micro cells. Additionally, disposable cells are available in a special UV transparent material in macro, semi-micro and micro cells. The useful spectral range for UV material is between 220 and 900 nm, for polymethyl methacrylate it is 300 and 900 nm and for polystyrene it is 340 and 900 nm. Each cell has a standard light path of 10 mm and is suitable for any UV/Vis Spectrophotometer which accommodates cells with a center height of 15 mm. Color coded caps can be ordered for the micro UV transparent cells which allow samples to be stored down to -20 °C.

For research use only.