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Package Contents2 ml Reagent A, 2 ml Reagent B, Kit contains sufficeint reagents to stain approximately 500-1000 sections.
120 available
Absence of Gonadotropin-Releasing Hormone 1 and Kiss1 Activation in α-Fetoprotein Knockout Mice: Prenatal Estrogens Defeminize the Potential to Show Preovulatory Luteinizing Hormone Surges.
Controlled Cortical Impact Traumatic Brain Injury in 3xTg-AD Mice Causes Acute Intra-axonal Amyloid-beta Accumulation and Independently Accelerates the Development of Tau Abnormalities.
Cytotoxic T lymphocyte therapy with donor T cells prevents and treats adenovirus and Epstein-Barr virus infections after haploidentical and matched unrelated stem cell transplantation.
The transcriptional regulatory function of p53 is essential for suppression of mouse skin carcinogenesis and can be dissociated from effects on TGF-β-mediated growth regulation.
Sequenced response of extracellular matrix deadhesion and fibrotic regulators after muscle damage is involved in protection against future injury in human skeletal muscle.
Identification of brain metastasis genes and therapeutic evaluation of histone deacetylase inhibitors in a clinically relevant model of breast cancer brain metastasis.
A Combination of Culture Conditions and Gene Expression Analysis Can Be Used to Investigate and Predict hES Cell Differentiation Potential towards Male Gonadal Cells.
Prostatic neuroendocrine cells have a unique keratin expression pattern and do not express Bcl-2: cell kinetic features of neuroendocrine cells in the human prostate.
Inhibitors of SCF-Skp2/Cks1 E3 Ligase Block Estrogen-Induced Growth Stimulation and Degradation of Nuclear p27kip1: Therapeutic Potential for Endometrial Cancer.
FDG-PET is a good biomarker of both early response and acquired resistance in BRAFV600 mutant melanomas treated with vemurafenib and the MEK inhibitor GDC-0973.
Stainless Steel Ions Stimulate Increased Thrombospondin-1-Dependent TGF-Beta Activation by Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells: Implications for In-Stent Restenosis.
Ageing is associated with diminished muscle re-growth and myogenic precursor cell expansion early after immobility-induced atrophy in human skeletal muscle.
Administration of COG1410 Reduces Axonal Amyloid Precursor Protein Immunoreactivity and Microglial Activation after Controlled Cortical Impact in Mice.
Down, But Not Out: Partial Elimination of Androgen Receptors in the Male Mouse Brain Does Not Affect Androgenic Regulation of Anxiety or HPA Activity.
Accelerated production of antigen-specific T-cells for pre-clinical and clinical applications using Gas-permeable Rapid Expansion cultureware (G-Rex).
Nuclear factor erythroid 2-related factor 2 enhances carcinogenesis by suppressing apoptosis and promoting autophagy in nickel-transformed cells.
Expression of Kv3.1b potassium channel is widespread in macaque motor cortex pyramidal cells: A histological comparison between rat and macaque.
Repetitive Concussive Traumatic Brain Injury Interacts with Post-Injury Foot Shock Stress to Worsen Social and Depression-Like Behavior in Mice.
Uncoupling of interleukin-6 from its signalling pathway by dietary n-3-polyunsaturated fatty acid deprivation alters sickness behaviour in mice.
Pericellular Innervation of Neurons Expressing Abnormally Hyperphosphorylated Tau in the Hippocampal Formation of Alzheimer's Disease Patients.
Neurons that co-localize aromatase- and kisspeptin-like immunoreactivity may regulate the HPG axis of the Mallard drake (Anas platyrhynchos).
Rat RFamide Related Peptide-3 stimulates GH secretion, inhibits LH secretion, and has variable effects on sex behavior in the adult male rat.
Ischemic Preconditioning Promotes Intrinsic Vascularization and Enhances Survival of Implanted Cells in an In Vivo Tissue Engineering Model.
Differentiation of stem cells upon deprivation of exogenous FGF2: a general approach to study spontaneous differentiation of hESCs in vitro.
Mitochondrial angiotensin receptors in dopaminergic neurons. Role in cell protection and aging-related vulnerability to neurodegeneration.
Developmental Exposure to Ethinylestradiol Affects Reproductive Physiology, the GnRH Neuroendocrine Network and Behaviors in Female Mouse.
Cytotoxicity and Secretion of Gamma Interferon Are Carried Out by Distinct CD8 T Cells during Mycobacterium tuberculosis Infection ▿†.
P2X7 Receptor Inhibition Increases CNTF in the Subventricular Zone, But Not Neurogenesis or Neuroprotection After Stroke in Adult Mice.
Reduced Density of Geniculocortical Terminals in Foveal Layer 4A in the Macaque Primary Visual Cortex: Relationship to S-cone Density.
Trichostatin A Enhances Differentiation of Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells to Cardiogenic Cells for Cardiac Tissue Engineering.
Minimally modified low-density lipoprotein induces monocyte adhesion to endothelial connecting segment-1 by activating β1 integrin.
Eye development in the four-eyed fish Anableps anableps: cranial and retinal adaptations to simultaneous aerial and aquatic vision.
Host induction by transplanted neural stem cells in the spinal cord: further evidence for an adult spinal cord neurogenic niche.
Maspin is a deoxycholate-inducible, anti-apoptotic stress-response protein differentially expressed during colon carcinogenesis.
Ttyh1 Protein is Expressed in Glia In Vitro and Shows Elevated Expression in Activated Astrocytes Following Status Epilepticus.
Opposite effects of a high-fat diet and calorie restriction on ciliary neurotrophic factor signaling in the mouse hypothalamus.
Pramipexole-Induced Increased Probabilistic Discounting: Comparison Between a Rodent Model of Parkinson's Disease and Controls.
Cafeteria Diet Is a Robust Model of Human Metabolic Syndrome With Liver and Adipose Inflammation: Comparison to High-Fat Diet.
Poor Cerebral Inflammatory Response in eIF2B Knock-In Mice: Implications for the Aetiology of Vanishing White Matter Disease.
Repetitive Closed-Skull Traumatic Brain Injury in Mice Causes Persistent Multifocal Axonal Injury and Microglial Reactivity.
Toward a Rapid Production of Multivirus-Specific T Cells Targeting BKV, Adenovirus, CMV, and EBV from Umbilical Cord Blood.
Repetitive Mild Traumatic Brain Injury in the Developing Brain: Effects on Long-Term Functional Outcome and Neuropathology.
Forebrain deletion of the dystonia protein torsinA causes dystonic-like movements and loss of striatal cholinergic neurons.
GDF15 acts synergistically with liraglutide but is not necessary for the weight loss induced by bariatric surgery in mice.
Blood Pressure, Artery Size, and Artery Compliance Parallel Bone Size and Strength in Mice With Differing Ece1 Expression.
New knockout model confirms a role for androgen receptors in regulating anxiety-like behaviors and HPA response in mice.
Autonomic-somatic communications in the human pelvis: computer-assisted anatomic dissection in male and female fetuses.
Multiple tumor suppressors regulate a HIF-dependent negative feedback loop via ISGF3 in human clear cell renal cancer.
Expression of deep brain photoreceptors in the Pekin drake: a possible role in the maintenance of testicular function.
Lysyl oxidase (LOX) limits VSMC proliferation and neointimal thickening through its extracellular enzymatic activity.
Host-inherent variability influences the transcriptional response of Staphylococcus aureus during in vivo infection.
A novel approach for assigning levels to monkey and human lumbosacral spinal cord based on ventral horn morphology.
Productive Propagation of Rift Valley Fever Phlebovirus Vaccine Strain MP-12 in Rousettus aegyptiacus Fruit Bats.
PRKAA1/AMPKα1-driven glycolysis in endothelial cells exposed to disturbed flow protects against atherosclerosis.
A Study of Amyloid-β and Phosphotau in Plaques and Neurons in the Hippocampus of Alzheimer’s Disease Patients.
Neuronal Survival, Morphology and Outgrowth of Spiral Ganglion Neurons Using a Defined Growth Factor Combination.
Diet-induced obesity exacerbates metabolic and behavioral effects of polycystic ovary syndrome in a rodent model.
Dorsal column sensory axons degenerate due to impaired microvascular perfusion after spinal cord injury in rats.
Interferon-Stimulated Genes—Mediators of the Innate Immune Response during Canine Distemper Virus Infection.
Parenteral administration of factor Xa/IIa inhibitors limits experimental aortic aneurysm and atherosclerosis.
Birth of neural progenitors during the embryonic period of sexual differentiation in the Japanese quail brain.
VMAT1 Deletion Causes Neuronal Loss in the Hippocampus and Neurocognitive Deficits in Spatial Discrimination.
S100B Up-Regulates Macrophage Production of IL1β and CCL22 and Influences Severity of Retinal Inflammation.
Expression of Lysosome-Associated Membrane Proteins in Human Colorectal Neoplasms and Inflammatory Diseases.
Secreted α-Klotho maintains cartilage tissue homeostasis by repressing NOS2 and ZIP8-MMP13 catabolic axis.
Metabolic and Structural Imaging at 7 Tesla After Repetitive Mild Traumatic Brain Injury in Immature Rats.
Location-specific activation of the paraventricular nucleus of the hypothalamus by localized inflammation.
3,4-Methylenedioxy-N-methamphetamine (Ecstasy) Promotes the Survival of Fetal Dopamine Neurons in Culture.
Winning agonistic encounters increases testosterone and androgen receptor expression in Syrian Hamsters.
Palmitoyl Serotonin Inhibits L-dopa-induced Abnormal Involuntary Movements in the Mouse Parkinson Model.
Three-dimensional analysis of synapses in the transentorhinal cortex of Alzheimer’s disease patients.
TLR-9 and IL-15 Synergy Promotes the In Vitro Clonal Expansion of Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia B Cells.
Determinants of different deep and superficial CA1 pyramidal cell dynamics during sharp-wave ripples.
Developmental Profile and Sexually Dimorphic Expression of Kiss1 and Kiss1r in the Fetal Mouse Brain.
Gene expression in extratumoral microenvironment predicts clinical outcome in breast cancer patients.
Effect of high fat diet on phenotype, brain transcriptome and lipidome in Alzheimer’s model mice.
Resolving stem and progenitor cells in the adult mouse incisor through gene co-expression analysis.
The generation of NGF-secreting primary rat monocytes: A comparison of different transfer methods.
Skin regeneration with all accessory organs following ablation with irreversible electroporation.
Synaptic Changes in the Dentate Gyrus of APP/PS1 Transgenic Mice Revealed by Electron Microscopy.
A Unilateral Cervical Spinal Cord Contusion Injury Model in Non-Human Primates (Macaca mulatta).
Therapeutic effects of stress-programmed lymphocytes transferred to chronically stressed mice.
Differences in the Central Anorectic Effects of Glucagon-Like Peptide-1 and Exendin-4 in Rats.
Microglial depletion alters the brain neuroimmune response to acute binge ethanol withdrawal.
Voluntary Exercise Improves High-Fat Diet-Induced Leptin Resistance Independent of Adiposity.
Disruption of the RP-MDM2-p53 pathway accelerates APC loss-induced colorectal tumorigenesis.
Spinal Neurons Activated in Response to Pudendal or Pelvic Nerve Stimulation in Female Rats.
Proteasome inhibition alleviates prolonged moderate compression-induced muscle pathology.
Interleukin-2 Expression in Lupoid and Usual Types of Old World Cutaneous Leishmaniasis.
Dendritic Cells Control Fibroblastic Reticular Network Tension and Lymph Node Expansion.
Visualization and quantification of mouse prostate development by in situ hybridization.
Interaction between hippocampal-prefrontal plasticity and thalamic-prefrontal activity.
Human Parainfluenza Virus-3 can be Targeted by Rapidly ex vivo Expanded T-Lymphocytes.
Differences in Acute Anorectic Effects of Long-Acting GLP-1 Receptor Agonists in Rats.
Action of Administered Ciliary Neurotrophic Factor on the Mouse Dorsal Vagal Complex.
Morphological evidence for dopamine interactions with pallidal neurons in primates.
Crim1 has cell-autonomous and paracrine roles during embryonic heart development.
Testosterone recruits new aromatase-imunoreactive cells in neonatal quail brain.
Transcription Factor Sp3 Knockout Mice Display Serious Cardiac Malformationsâ–¿.
Alcohol and Stress Activation of Microglia and Neurons: Brain Regional Effects.
Sparsity-Based Pixel Super Resolution for Lens-Free Digital In-line Holography.
Proliferation zones in the axolotl brain and regeneration of the telencephalon.
Ursolic acid enhances macrophage autophagy and attenuates atherogenesis[S].
Cytotoxic T Lymphocyte Therapy for Epstein-Barr Virus+ Hodgkin's Disease.
The transcription factor Nfix is essential for normal brain development.
Hypothalamic Vitamin D Improves Glucose Homeostasis and Reduces Weight.
Endogenous CNTF mediates stroke-induced adult CNS neurogenesis in mice.
Female sexual behavior in mice is controlled by kisspeptin neurons.
TRH Action Is Impaired in Pituitaries of Male IGSF1-Deficient Mice.
Transgenic Mice for Cre-Inducible Overexpression of the Cul4A Gene.
Systematic Regional Variations in Purkinje Cell Spiking Patterns.
Neurochemical Characterization of the Tree Shrew Dorsal Striatum.
Lens induction requires attenuation of ERK signaling by Nf1.
Skin Rejuvenation with Non-Invasive Pulsed Electric Fields.
Structural Basis of Cerebellar Microcircuits in the Rat.
The gene expression signatures of melanoma progression.
Nalcn Is a “Leak†Sodium Channel That Regulates Excitability of Brainstem Chemosensory Neurons and Breathing.
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Manual (PK-6100-NB)
Quenching Endogenous Peroxidase Activity (PK-6100-NB)
Enzyme Substrate Combinations Chart (PK-6100-NB)
Enzyme Immunoassays, Hybridoma Screening, and Western Blots (PK-6100-NB)
Troubleshooting Guide (PK-6100-NB)
Guide to Multiple Antigen Labeling (PK-6100-NB)
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VECTASTAIN® Elite® ABC-HRP Kit (Peroxidase, Standard)
VECTASTAIN® Elite® ABC-HRP Kit (Peroxidase, Standard)