Variant Details
Catalog IDYS-HIFI-5Supplier Catalog IDYS-HIFI-5
Size5 mlPrice $ 357.50
Supplier YouSeq Ltd., US Package Content Complete and convenient 2 x mix with optimized buffers, enzyme concentration, dNTPs etc - 5 x 1 ml YouSeq High-Fidelity 2X MasterMix
Sequencing TypeNext Generation sequencingStarting MaterialGenomic DNA
Amount of Starting Material5 ngFree Sample / TrialAvailable


Power through long transcripts, with high GC content and ultra low error rates

YouSeq High-Fidelity DNA Polymerase will out-perform our competitors for both fidelity and long range performance. With the highest fidelity amplification available , the YouSeq DNA Polymerase results in ultra-low error rates. YouSeq High-Fidelity 2X Master Mix is a convenient complete mix that is ready to use for

Long range PCR,
GC rich PCR
High-fidelity PCR
High-throughput PCR
and more...

For research use only.