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Zymo Research’s Zyppy™ Plasmid Midiprep Kit is designed for extracting Plasmid DNA and excluding unwanted impurities. Compatible inputs include Culture, and equivalent sample types. Such inputs must originate from Bacteria or published organisms. Specific sub-species include E. coli and their close relatives. For further information, see Zymo Research specifications below.

Efficient DNA isolation and optimal yield

Zyppy™ Plasmid Midiprep Kit’s tailored protocol, Spin column, and Midi kit format all facilitate its key lab applications. According to Zymo Research, these are; complete nucleic acid purification and removal of cell debris and nucleases. For optimal results, the initial sample amount should be at least 6 ml. Ideal final concentration is attainable with an elution volume of 150 µl, (i.e., elution buffer).

Applicable Methods/Experiments

The purified DNA sample is usable in the following methods: Restriction endonuclease digestion, DNA sequencing, Transformation, Cloning, Transfection, PCR, and other associated analyses.

For research use only.


Single/Multiple Target KitsDNA
Extraction ofPlasmid DNA
Sample TypeCulture
TechnologySpin column
Yield> 50 µg
Time to Sample15 min
Kit SizeMidi
SubspeciesE. coli
Sample Amount6 ml
Size Range25 kb
Elution Volume150 µl
Downstream ProcessesRestriction endonuclease digestion, DNA sequencing, Transformation, Cloning, Transfection, PCR
Storage TemperatureRoom temperature, 4-8 °C
Expiry Time12 months
Package Content 7X Lysis Buffer (Blue) Neutralization Buffer (Yellow) Endo-Wash Buffer Zyppy™ Wash Buffer (concentrate) Zyppy™ Elution Buffer Zymo-Spin™ V-E Columns Zymo-Midi Filter™ (Blue) Collection tubes
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