Avoid Lab Shutdown: Strategies to Keep Your Lab Open

Webinar Overview

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Has COVID-19 disrupted your lab operations? Have you faced backorders, experiment delays, or uncertainty in reaching research milestones? We hosted a webinar to get tactical advice on navigating lab operations chaos.

In this webinar, we heard from the UCB R&D team on how they navigated through these challenges, effectively sourced the critical supplies needed for their experiments, and kept their research labs open and operational throughout the pandemic.

Specifically, we learned:

  • How the COVD-19 supply chain disruptions impacted scientific innovation in the UCB R&D lab
  • How did the UCB team manage and solve these challenges
  • What lessons were learned
  • Advice and strategies for other biopharma R&D teams


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Claudia Hayes

Global Sourcing Manager
Claudia joined UCB in March 2019 as a Global Sourcing Manager. In September 2020, Claudia also took on an additional role as a Digital Mission Lead to support the digital transformation within the Procurement team.

Emma Davé

Principal Scientist
Emma Davé is a principal scientist at UCB, having joined the company in 2005. Her interests lie in research and development of antibody therapeutic medicines. She is an integral contributor to the development of novel antibody therapeutic formats. She specializes in molecular biology, antibody expression and protein engineering and bio-fermentation. She is also a seasoned PhD supervisor and currently involved in project management. Emma Davé has been published in peer reviewed scientific journals and is a co-inventor on several UCB patents. Prior to joining UCB, spent 10 years in academia, specializing in areas of genetics and pathogenesis of infectious diseases. Emma earned her PhD from the University of Sheffield.

Ewelina O'Reilly

Store Manager
Ewelina is an on-site manager at UCB. Prior to UCB, she held roles as Lab Manager at Eurofins, Senior Scientific Officer at Latis Scientific, and microbiologist. Ewelina holds a degree in food science.

James Pavlovich

VP of Customer Success
James' career began as a support analyst for Pepsi Bottling Group’s Field Operations group, working on several different programs improving the order fulfillment process. Following Pepsi, he held a number of senior consulting roles with PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC), where he further developed his business operations expertise with a particular emphasis on pharma R&D. During this period James managed organizational transformations utilizing innovative technologies to change the way these organizations operate. His previous clients included large pharmas, biotechs, CRO's and the FDA.


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