Fast-Track Your Experiments in 2022: Top Wet-Lab Techniques Every R&D Scientist Must Know

Webinar Overview

Scientists are the lifeblood of new product development and scientific innovation. Conducting experiments that are practical is one of the most important steps for many research scientists. In order to find the best results for the experiments, it is essential to be very crafty with the instruments and to be skillful with wet-lab techniques.

This webinar will focus on the top lab techniques every researcher needs to learn to be efficient in their wet-lab experiments:

  • Gel Electrophoresis
  • Cell Culture Techniques
  • Chromatography Technique


Nicholas Abuid

Ph.D. / Application Scientist
A biomedical engineer by training who focused on cell therapies for Type I Diabetes during his doctoral work. Nicholas is now working on recombinant proteins for CAR T cell therapies and COVID vaccine development. At Acro, Nicholas has worked with leaders in industry and academia to support their research needs. Nicholas forms part of a team that was able to guide the development of new proteins to complement vaccine and therapy development for COVID, CAR T-cell therapy, and other immune and autoimmune conditions. As a member of Acro, he is highly interested in leveraging the company’s resources and state-of-the-art technology to help our partners and clients develop next-generation therapies.

Melissa Mulla

Product Specialist
With a background of 15 years at the bench as a lab manager and researcher, in both academia and the biotech industry, Melissa welcomes any opportunity for technical conversations. Specializing in molecular biology, her passion has been culturing cells and studying their function. Her primary focus for most of her scientific career was researching how autoimmunity can adversely affect pregnancy, and discovering more effective ways to treat these conditions and improve pregnancy outcomes. At CELLTREAT, Melissa strives to make meaningful connections with fellow scientists by providing experienced technical support, and by guiding product development and improvement from the perspective of a researcher.

Hazel Dickson

Marketing Manager
As the marketing manager for Waters, Hazel focuses on how Waters can improve the daily lives of analytical scientists. She does this by facilitating the transformation of samples into results, and questions into answers. Hazel spends a great deal of time thinking about how to simplify the complex ideas and communicate it to the masses for both the US and European headquarters.


Sandra Torres

Senior Manager Supplier Success
Sandra Torres is a versatile business development, supplier management, and clinical project management professional with a breadth of expertise in developing and growing long-term partnerships in Biotech and BioPharma. She currently leads ZAGENO's global Supplier Success team, and is based out of Chicago, IL USA. Supplier Success aims to develop deep relationships with ZAGENO suppliers to ensure top performance in the marketplace, to meet the needs of R&D scientists all over the world.


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