Free eBook: Top 8 Biotech Startup Risks & How to Overcome Them


In the early days of starting a biotech company, founders face a set of challenges including finding a co-founder, getting seed capital, building an advisory board, validating their idea, and finding lab space (which we cover in our Essential Guide to Starting a Biotech and Ultimate Guide to Biotech Startup Growth). But as a biotech company grows and scales, founders and leaders face an entirely new set of challenges.

Here, we cover what obstacles and risks biotech startups can expect to encounter in the next phase of their journeys as well as how biotech leaders can overcome these challenges.

In this ebook, we’ll address:

  • Regulatory risk: how to navigate FDA approval processes
  • Funding and financial risk: how to get funding to navigate long drug development cycles
  • Security risk: how to prevent data breaches, especially with sensitive clinical trial patient data
  • Safety risk: how to maintain and elevate lab safety practices
  • Talent and team building risk: how to get and retain the best people
  • Operational and efficiency risk: how to automate manual processes as companies scale
  • Facility risk: how to find and move into a great lab space
  • Competitive risk: how to do market research to find new opportunities to stay ahead of the competition