Going Green in the Lab: How to Make Your Lab More Sustainable + Efficient


Research & Develop labs use 3-6x more energy and water than traditional offices and have the potential to reduce energy consumption by 30-50% by implementing energy efficient processes. They use plastic and generate significant amounts of waste, but many are rethinking the way they have always operated in favor of more “green” workflows. But where do you start, and what’s safe?

Incorporating sustainability into your lab design can look like simply replacing single use plastic with reusable glassware or opting for energy efficient equipment to start. Sustainable and efficient labs are not only better for the environment, but also drive operational and cost efficiency through energy savings. With small process changes like turning off equipment when not in use, your lab will reduce its impact on the environment and lower materials and energy costs.

By weaving sustainability into your lab operations and culture, you can stretch your resources further and do more with less—while also benefiting the environment.

In this ebook, you’ll learn:

  • 11 ways to reduce spend and build efficient workflows
  • 10 tips for reducing energy used and waste production in research labs
  • How to reuse and recycle lab supplies
  • And more!

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